Personalized Management


Based on an international vision of services and on a solid experience of the Swiss property market, we offer an innovative management of your property throughout the “Swiss Romandie”. Dedicated to an exigent clientele, we provide solutions stewardship in sharp correlation with your specific expectations. Our goal: sustain today’s profit for tomorrow.


The results are presented in clear and structured reports. We transmit to individuals as well as institutions, accounting records and reporting of high quality fulfilling all your needs. Access to information is secure and complete confidentiality of each client is guaranteed.


We want to create a trusting relationship with each client and we attach importance to listening to you. Our availability extends beyond normal office hours. This allows us to advise you best, at all times.


Our prices are “all inclusive”. No extra charge for disbursements, work orders or other notifications. They are proposed as a percentage on the assigned management of rental income in CHF (rent + expenses payments). From 3.2%.

Interested? Your personalized offer within 48 hours. REQUEST-IT HERE!

Detailed Study


Upon execution of your mandate, we establish a comprehensive report of your property and we submit you plans for the future to ensure the profitability of your heritage. Renovation of apartments, extension, or improving energy performance are key points that we work for you and with you.

Privileged Partners

In order to better carry out these actions and to budget specifically, we undertake to negotiate favorable rates with our suppliers to achieve the best quality / price ratio.

Real Estate Development


Considered as a solid investment, real estate can sometimes seem complicated: the economic and property environment are constantly evolving, it is important to follow it every day. That is why we are constantly listening to the market to adapt to it immediately.


Whether it is creating from scratch a real estate portfolio, to enlarge or reduce it, we are on the lookout for opportunities that match you. We put you in relation with our partners and we advise you objectively on the feasibility of projects.

Energy Transition

A Necessity

The cost of energy and taxes on CO2 emissions are and will increase constantly, therefore an approach to reduce consumption and it cost, is necessary. The solutions are now very diverse: solar heating, photovoltaic electricity, more efficient insulation … While these technologies have a cost, but associated with intelligent management of the heating system, they are rapidly absorbed and enhance the performances of your buildings.


Beyond the financial aspect, the energy standards are becoming increasingly stringent, and it is important to plan today, the heating mode of tomorrow. With this anticipation, the work can be spread over several years and will bring, certainly, superior comfort to your tenants and a significant added value to your property.